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Magicsim V255 Exe kielgarl




packer to an exe through ClickOnce i'm trying to make a cross platform app with the autodesk magic sim v255 exe packer. the final exe will be signed with a wildcard certificate so it can be downloaded from the net. the thing is that all the time i have a problem where it seems to have a security exception and the app fails to load. i'm following this steps: put it in a virtual directory run the packer copy the generated project to the www folder right click on the project and go to the publish page make it a select "Static Web Site" go to the configuration tab and set the publisher name and the destination folder go to the security tab check the "digital signature" checkbox select the folder where the signed exe will be saved press OK this should work because it worked on some other projects. is there any other step i forgot to do or any other way to solve this problem? A: When you build your project and run the packer, you are publishing your project. Publishing is the act of placing the resulting files somewhere on the Web for people to download. If you wish to publish your project so that it can be downloaded from a website, you will want to change the configuration settings to use an "Installer Package", rather than a "Static Web Site". This will allow you to publish the project so that you can distribute it via a folder on your server, or even by uploading it to a website (with appropriate configuration settings). Unfortunately, as your project is signed with a certificate that is not trusted by the current operating system, it will not work with those options. Instead, you will need to sign your application with a certificate that will be trusted by the current operating system, such as the certificate that you can use to sign your project in Visual Studio. I'm crazy for this." "But I can't be mad at you for wanting this." "Kiss me." "Like you mean it." "Oh, I do mean it." "I want you, and I want you to feel what I'm feeling." "I want to show you." "Are you sure?" "Yeah." "I'm sure." "I'm not gonna last." "I know." "I'll have to get you to do it to me, too." "Are you sure you're ready?" "I think




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Magicsim V255 Exe kielgarl

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